Sunday, October 4, 2009


When the music box,
stops its timely dance,
will I be able
to save her,
from myself?
Will lust for blood
domiate my thoughts?
making her pale, smooth skin,
so, so inviting.
Or will lust for love preveil.
against all the
dirty hands of the world,
trying to pull us apart?
When my mouth
dare not touch
her delicate body
for fear
that I may rip it asunder.
Oh the love of a vampire
is peril
in its truest form.
Oh the tears of a vampire
are pain
in deep, deep silence.
To see my true love,
but not daring to
touch her.
Is an agony I cannot express.
To see my true love
look out on the world
she cannot be a part of,
as long as she loves me.
To feel nothing but
lust and
agony and
anger and
hunger, always hunger
that never stops.
no peace, no rest,
love a dangling parody;
always out of reach.
And I tell my love,
And I go out,
her last kiss
lingering like
her tears.
poem by~ Keepers River

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