Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a note from momma

Welcome Ghouls and Ghosties!!

We have been slaving by the light of the moon to ready the house for you. We have built on, re-built and painted every cobweb to make it perfect. There is much to delight and terrify you. A comfortable salon complete with fresh warm refreshments. A state of the art infirmary. The perfect playroom to let the little ones rest. And of course we have plenty of accomodations throughout the home. I must confess I have neglected my own needs whilst seeing to yours. Every night, He must hunt for me. No matter, it is share and share alike with the family. Speaking of I can smell the fluttering heartbeats drawing closer. Maybe He brought something extra tasty tonight. I must go, but I am breathlessly waiting for you.

Love and Nibbles,


PS: Please tell all of your friends. I am sure to be extra hungry by our Grand Opening October 17. I can hear the hearts beating already...

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